Ghostbusters and more - Skyyview Drive-in

Oct 25, Oct 26, 2013
745pm Ticket Office Opens. 915pm Movie Starts. Admission is 3 Movies for one low price. Ages 12 and up-$8. Ages 4-11 - $3. Ages 3 and under - Free. This just in. Ghostbusters will be at the drive-in Friday Saturday nights right under the BIG SCREEN. Ever wanted to see Ghostbusters on a drive-in screen in crisp digital quality NOW YOU CAN, or you can again. The first film is the family-friendly Monster House, Action/Adventure, Animated, Family, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, PG. A suburban home has become physically animated by a vengeful human soul looking to stir up trouble from beyond the grave, and it is up to three adventurous kids from the neighborhood to do battle with the structural golem in this comically frightful tale, directed by Gil Kenan and featuring the voices of Steve Buscemi, Nick Cannon, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Kevin James, while the third is the decidedly less-friendly The Conjuring, Horror/Scary, R. A demonic entity lays claim to family living in a secluded farmhouse, prompting them to seek the aid of two renowned paranormal researchers in this tale of possession inspired by actual events. We will be there, hopefully not obscuring the screen with the gadgets on our Ecto Magnums roof rack. Word of advice DEFINITELY come early because traffic WILL back up on Main Street a good hour or so before sundown, and this has the possibility of selling out. Triple Feature Night at regular admission prices. Be sure to tune your car's radio to 88.5 FM.

Cost: $3-8 per person

Skyview Drive-In
2420 E. Main Street
Lancaster, Ohio
Phone: 740-653-5517, 877-286-6843
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