The Art of Smart Phone Photography

Nov 4 thru Dec 2, 2015
5:30-7:00pm Wednesdays
1-2:30pm Saturdays This is a 7-session series.

Camera phones are a part of life these days. Not only are they simply everywhere, but those little cameras are getting better and better in terms of quality, and affordability. The majority of people in our community have smart phones with very good cameras, but not everyone knows how to make the most of these pocket sized wonders. Local photographer and experienced arts instructor Barbara Ery is here to help!

In this 7 session series, participants will learn how to get the most out their smart phones. Barbara will cover not only how to actually use the phone apps, but how to make the most of other free Apps to get a great photography experience.

To take this class, participants do not need any experience in photography, but must have a smart phone iPhone or Android with a camera having an 8 mega-pixel camera or higher. Most smart phones manufactured in the last 5 years will have this feature.

Cost: $110 -$100/members

Dairy Barn Arts Center
8000 Dairy Lane
Athens, Ohio
Phone: 740-592-4981
Web Site:
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