Gretchen Wilson - Under the Covers Tour

Nov 14, 2013
730pm. To all appearances, Gretchen Wilson went overnight from talented obscurity to phenomenon. -The reason I've been successful is that I have been genuine from the get-go,- she says, -and I continue to try to do that. I am an open book.- It helps that the identity she wears so guilelessly is one that resonates strongly with fans of country and Southern rock--the independent, take-no-guff, hard-working and hard-partying country woman. Gretchens ability to inhabit that persona publicly, as well as her flair for tailoring songs as gorgeously rough-edged as she is, have given her the kind of -I am what I sing- originality few women in country music history--Loretta, Tammy, Dolly and Tanya chief among them--have ever been able to achieve.

Cost: $25-40 per person

Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium
University Terrace, Building 8
Athens, Ohio
Phone: 740-593-1762
Web Site:

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