2:30pm Train to East Logan

May 23 thru Oct 26, 2014
2:30-4:45pm. Our East Logan train is the longest of the regular weekend trains and operates every Saturday and Sunday between Memorial Day and the last full weekend of October. The train departs the Nelsonville Depot for a round-trip ride along the historic Hocking River Valley. Along the way, we will pass through the historic company town of Haydenville, which was the last company town in Ohio. It was once part of a large brick and clay company known in its later days as NATCO. On the return trip to Nelsonville after pausing at the east end of Logan, the train continues past the Nelsonville Depot to Robbins Crossing. Robbins Crossing is a restored 1850s-era Ohio pioneer village operated by students, staff, and volunteers from Hocking College and is located at the south end of the Hocking College campus. After a 30-minute stop at Robbins Crossing, the train returns to the Nelsonville Depot.

Cost: $17-12 per person

Hocking Valley Scenic Railway
33 W. Canal Street
Nelsonville, Ohio
Phone: 740-753-9531, 800-967-7834
Web Site: http://www.hockingvalleytrain.com
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