Thunderbunny Ultra Marathon

May 14, 2016
7:40am - 50K and 25K Pre-race meeting
8am 50K and 25K Race Starts
8:40am - 12K Pre-race meeting
9am 12K Race Start
Race closes at 5pm (9 hour cutoff)

50K Course Description - Runners in the 50K will start with the 25K runners at the beach parking lot and run the same course with them for the first half. You will experience steep long hills, flatter winding trails, and some of the best scenery in Athens County. Enter the 50K for variety and a challenge and come out knowing you gave it your all.

25K Course Description - Runners in the 25K will start along with the 50K runners at the beach parking lot and run the same course with them before turning off to complete the final mile. This course features all the great trails of the 50K but just half the distance. All in all this mostly single track course has a manageable 2066 feet of elevation gain, good for the first time trail runner and veteran alike.

12K Course Description - This is the perfect distance for the beginner trail runner or hiker. Starting the 12K course an hour after the 25K and 50K runners start and run the same first 7.5 miles. You will get to see the entire Thunderbunny Trail as well as the entire Hollow Point Trail before coming back to the beach parking lot for the finishing stretch. A peaceful morning on a sweet single-track trail for the entire course. Walkers can register for this race

12K Course Description -

Cost: $15-75/person must register

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