Happy Hour Art Workshops/Classes

Mar 8, 2012
530-830pm. We are holding Happy Hour Art Workshops/Classes at The Dairy Barn every other Thursday. Each workshop features a different activity. We provide the materials while you get in touch with your creative side. The April Class is Lamp Work Beads Introduction to Working with Glass Limited Registration. In this workshop, guests will learn the basics of making glass beads with a torch. The workshop is designed for people who think they may want to take up glass bead-working at home and need a little guidance. However, it is also suited for guests looking to try something new and leave with enough pieces to make a nice piece of jewelry. This workshop will be unique in that it will employ MAPP gas methylacetylene-propadiene propane to work the glass. MAPP gas burns at a Fahrenheit temperature of 5,300 degrees in oxygen which, obviously, is extremely hot and can be dangerous. For this reason, alcoholic beverages will not be offered and participants must be 18 or older. Participants in this workshop are asked to wear clothing that fits comfortably but do not flow from the body. Jeans are good to protect legs and shoes must be closed toed boots are recommended. MAPP gas flames give off a fair amount of UV, but more importantly, a bead can shatter in the flame. Safety glasses are provided, but guests are encouraged to bring some from home if they happen to have a comfortable pair, or a pair that can fit over eyeglasses.

Cost: $15 per adult

Dairy Barn Arts Center
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