Rock Climbing

Mar 19 thru Mar 31, 2014
Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9am-12pm. Reservations required. No experience necessary. All equipment and instruction provided. We specialize in beginner instruction and guided tours so that you can focus on having fun. Your trip begins when you meet your guide in the Hocking State Forest parking area on Big Pine Road. Your guide will introduce you to the equipment that you will be using, fitting you with climbing harness, helmet, and climbing shoes. Once you have been introduced to these important pieces of equipment and their proper use, and discussed relevant safety concerns with your guide, you will begin the hike in to the cliff. The hike to the cliffs is not long, but the trails are rugged and the slopes are steep, so proper footwear is necessary. Your guide will orient you to proper cliff safety, demonstrate proper climbing technique, and set up your climbs at a site chosen specifically for your group. Climbers will learn to tie in to the rope, to belay catch and lower falling climbers safely to the ground, and the other basics of rock climbing. Those who wish to learn more than the basics, or who already have some experience may wish to inquire about our Gym to Crag course.

Cost: $85 per person

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