Simply Three

Mar 16, 2015
7:30pm. Old School Training. New School Sound. Hailed by the Boston Philharmonic. They've got what it takes-- says it all for this new and invigorating string trio.

Comprised of violinist Alex Weill, cellist Zack Clark, and bassist Nicholas Villalobas, Simply Three is redefining string music. Each musician has won numerous awards, trained with world renowned artists, and performed with symphonies across the nation.

Simply Three came together in 2010, blending innovative arrangements of classical music with the popular songs of today and they are s till going strong.

Simply Three is dedicated to enhancing the classical music experience and educating the next generation of musicians. Their commitment to education and fresh approach to fusing pop and classical music have inspired thousands of young audiences across the nation.

Cost: $5-10/per person

Ohio University Baker Center
One Park Place
Athens, Ohio
Phone: 740-593-4020
Web Site:

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