Whispering Residue by Sally Rose

Jun 27 thru Jul 24, 2014
9am - 12pm Weekdays, opens 12pm weekends. An exhibition of handmade paper sculpture. Sally Rose is fascinated with the material investigation of handmade paper and how it transforms as it dries and shrinks into sculptural forms. Depending on the type of plant used to make the paper pulp - cotton, flax, or abaco a non-edible banana palm - the paper can be extremely delicate or extremely tough. Sally's personal aesthetic developed with the premise that there is fascinating detail in residue, or what is left over and discarded by most as having no value. Sometimes the materials are funny - not cherished as traditional art material at all.

Cost: Free Event

Paper Circle
35 West Columbus Street
Nelsonville, Ohio
Phone: 740-753-3374
Web Site: http://www.papercircle.org/

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