Archaeoastronomy - A Dark Sky Night Presentation

Jun 19, 2014
7-10pm. Join us at the Dark Sky Night Presentation featuring Tom O'Grady. Tom will take you back in time and share what archaeologists have been studying in the earthworks left on the Ohio landscape by the cultures known as the Adena, Hopwell and Monongahela/Fort Ancient peoples for almost two centuries. In the last few decades, the works of the mound builders have been surveyed by astronomers. The more they look, the more they find that much of the construction was based on detailed math and geometry and not a small part of these earthworks appear to have been built in alignment with significant rising and setting locations of the Sun and the Moon and other astronomical phenomena. Arrive early, have dinner at the lodge, stay for an interesting presentation, and then head to the telescopes and binoculars outside afterwards for some beautiful deep sky views courtesy of members of the club and the Columbus Astronomical Society weather permitting. This presentation is free and open to the public.

Cost: Free Event

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