Chair Art Workshop

Jul 5, 2014
6-8pm on July 5th and July 8th. Participants will take part in an instructional step-by-step program on making indoor furniture into outdoor furniture. In Lilyfest 2013, there was an installation that had similar pieces. Using house paint and primer, old worn chairs were transformed into lawn furniture. This is a great repurposing project for old furniture, as well as, a conversation piece for porches or patios. Participants should bring their own piece of furniture for painting. Sunday workshop will be priming and prepping the chairs, this will include primer coats and concept sketches. Please bring old white or light colored house paint or primer paint and your own brush. This is a great chance to repurpose paint that you have just sitting in your house. Good types of furniture to bring would be wood, upholstery, or wood-upholstered combinations will work. Fabrics that are best to cover are cotton, canvas, and vinyl. Softer fabrics absorb many coats of primer. Demo pieces will be available to show. Tuesday workshop will be the adding finished color and finished motifs. This will be a final product by end of class, ready to take home and enjoy. This class will be indoors in the classroom beside the garage.

Cost: Free/Reservations appreciated.

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