Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Lancaster Festival

Jul 21, 2012
8:15pm. Wendel Concert Stage. Big band music hits the stage as Big Bad Voodoo Daddy joins the Orchestra for a jumping night of swing. Since their arrival on the music scene in 1993, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy's irresistible live show and aggressive, musically perceptive approach has proven them over time to be the singular standout among the numerous bands that launched the Nineties swing revival. The seven-man group forged a massively successful fusion of classic American sounds from jazz, swing, Dixieland and big-band music.

Cost: $32-$5 per person

Ohio University Lancaster
1570 Granville Pike
Lancaster, Ohio
Phone: 740-654-6711, 888-44-OHIOU
Family Oriented
Special Interest

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