Grand Opening Hocking Hills Laser Tag 1

Jul 2, Jul 3, Jul 4, Jul 5, 2015
Grand Opening Special - Free Hot Dog with each Purchase,

When players arrive, they are issued our state-of-the-art outdoor laser tag Gear. Each player immediately feels their adrenaline racing as they are placed into two different teams. Each team is then given a mission briefing by their Field Marshal. Each Hocking Hills Laser Tag mission can have several different objectives, like capture the flag. Teams then work together to strategically plan their mission and attempt to achieve the objectives of that mission.

Come have some fun with us.

Cost: $8 for 20 min game

Hocking Hills Laser Tag 1
867 Karshner Avenue
Logan, Ohio
Phone: 740-422-9824
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Outdoor Activity
Family Oriented
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