Blue Walk - the Art of Kortlander Exhibit

Jan 23 thru Apr 24, 2016
10am - 4pm Tues-Sat
1-4pm Sun

John Kortlander and Dr. S. Elizabeth Kortlander, Curators

This exhibit features William Kortlandera?Ts figurative and landscape paintings, and will also include various charcoal drawings and watercolor pieces. The figurative paintings were Kortlandera?Ts mechanism to interpret the youth-oriented culture of the 1960s. While the imagery evokes a sense of modern-day a?oMad Men,a?? the boldly empowered female figures in these paintings are reflective of the womena?Ts movement of the 1960s. His use of acrylics as a medium was quite rare at that time.

When William moved to a more rural setting, his focus shifted to the translation of the natural environment that surrounded him. He often intended to capture the mood of nature or the quality of a particular place. At other times, he hoped to suggest a state of mind or an aspect of human experience through the use of an imaginary place.

A nationally known artist, William has had more than 30 solo shows and has participated in more than 145 group exhibitions. His paintings are included in more than 40 museums and corporate collections throughout the U.S. and in Japan. His work has been reproduced and/or commented on in numerous books, periodicals and catalogs, and is also listed in various art reference books.

Cost: Free Event

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