Cafe Murder - A murder mystery dinner theatre

Jan 19, 2013
6pm. Once again the Logan Theatre Group will perform at Hocking Hills Resort. The Grouse Nest Restaurant will serve a Southern-style buffet for this delightful dinner theatre interactive mystery, Cafe Murder, a perfect finale for a day of hiking during the 48th annual Winter Hike in Hocking Hills. This play is possible with support from the Logan Town Center. Cafe Murder tells the story of Rosemary Saint-John who is a loud, annoying hypochondriac convinced she is allergic to water. Celebrating her birthday at a restaurant with her four kooky sisters, a hippie, a valley girl, a trucker and a banker. Rosemary makes enemies with everyone around her. When she disappears and is presumed murdered, the only objective witnesses in the restaurant are the audience members, who must cast their vote. Was it one of Rosemarys sisters, a self-taught detective, the passionate French chef, the polite and proper mAcitre d, or the sarcastic waiter? No one is above suspicion in this delightful dinner theatre murder mystery! Whether you are young or old, you will find lots of laughs at this cafAC! Call for reservations.

Cost: $20 per person

Grouse Nest Restaurant
25780 Liberty Hill Rd
South Bloomingville, Ohio
Phone: 740-332-4501
Web Site:
Family Oriented
Special Interest

Hocking Hills Hiker