More Music on the Porch - Appalachian Strings

Aug 19, 2012
2 pm. Much of America's music has flowered from Appalachian roots. The C=centuries-old musical traditions of immigrant settlers and African slaves were essential to the development of bluegrass, country, gospel, early jazz awnd rock and roll. Appalachian Strings will present an extensive collection of hand-made dulcimers, banjos, fiddles, guitars and mandolins gathered from private and public collections across the United States. A distinct and fascinating category of the exhibition features "make-do" instruments fabricated from cigar boxes, oil cans, and fruitcake tins. Whether the result of economic necessity or the desire to make a highly personal artistic statement, these instruments represent the intense need of the human spirit to make music.

Cost: $8/$5 per person

Decorative Arts Center of Ohio
145 East Main Street
Lancaster, Ohio
Phone: 740-681-1423
Web Site:
Family Oriented
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