Nuit Blanche Athens - Nocturnal Arts Festival

Apr 2, Apr 3, 2016
3:05pm 4/2/16 to 3:05am 4/3/16

For one magical and sleepless night, experience Athens transformed by artists. All you need to bring is your Imagination.

Nuit Blanche (meaning White Night, in French) is an annual all-night arts festival which is currently active annually in nearly 120 cities from around the world including: Paris, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Brussels, Rome, Madrid, Melbourne, and Athens, Ohio. A Nuit Blanche includes the participation of private and public cultural institutions which are open and free of charge to the public, whereby the whole town or city a?~itself being turned into a de facto art gallery, providing space for art installations, performances (music, film, dance, performance art), themed social gatherings and other activities. Nuit Blanche was created in Paris in 2002 to bring contemporary art to the public.

Nuit Blanche Athens is established and co-directed by Dr. Zelma Badu-Younge and Dr. Paschal Yao Younge (directors of the Annual Ohio University World Music and Dance Festival and Concert, and the AZA African Music and Dance Concert) in conjunction with Ohio University Division of Dance and School of Music and Azaguno. Spotlighting both Ohio University students, faculty and as well as Athens community artists. It also introduces unique national and international artistsa?"scholars to our community.

Participants will actively engage in several artistic activities, for example: spontaneous instructor led sight specific dance performance in an alleyway (think of the game twister) or be able to stroll the streets and admire (local, regional, national and international) artworks and crafts in unique spaces such as, Create_Space graduate students (directed by Mr. Nathaniel Berger) presenting interactive work in Court Street store fronts; or poetry reading/dramatic performance by a person drinking latte at the Donkey Coffee and Espresso cafAC. It will be a joyful and sleepless night of a?oFree Arta?? whereby participants across gender, age and disciplines can observe, actively engage in and interact with various art forms for approximately 12 hours.

Also the Pre-Nuit Childrena?Ts Arts Festival is at Howard Park from 3:05pm-5:00pm. Come join us for arts, crafts, and performances.

Locations are Athens Cinema Downtown, College Gate, Glidden Recital Hall, Howard Park, Shirley Wimmer Dance Theater, The Front Room (Baker Center), 31 South Court Street (Woolworth Building) and more.

Cost: Free Events

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